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Glass Garden


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Gardening and Houseplants have been a passion of mine for many years. In the early years, that passion consisted of purchasing one that looked lovely in the store but when I got it home I was very lucky to have it survive for more than a month or two, fabulous if it made until the first couple months of winter.
I remember many a time being heartbroken when one didn't make it....especially one I had named ;-) What was I doing wrong why were they not living long or look as they did in the picture or when I first had purchased them??

Well, its simple, they are in a kingdom that need individual attention to meet their individual needs. You do not just set it in a window and water (oops! I mean overwater) them and expect miracles! My gardening methods have changed greatly! I show more concern for the living green thingy in the window! It eats, breathes, drinks and grows just like we do, why some may even say they speak! I however, have never gotten a response; per say! Of course if you listen very closely.....

I'll see you in the garden,