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The following prayers have given me great peace in times of need, they were meant to be passed along from one to another and I pray they give you meaning as well.... 



Great Provider, see my needs.  I work at _________ but lately that position has been difficult.  The pressures of _________ surround me.  Help me to do my best, despite the circumstances.  Open the doors necessary to improve things and help me recognize those opportunities when they come. I am willing to walk whatever path you guide me down for personal and professional advancement.

So be it...


Aphrodite, great Goddess of passion, I feel nothing for those things that should have great meaning.  My spirit is numb.  May your abundant fire rekindle coals that have grown so very cold within me.  Let me feel your energy building with each beat of my heart and every breath I take.  Then release this power without to manifest in _________ (specific area for more passion)
Aphrodite, I would not ask such a boon without cause.  You can see into my heart, see the dark clouds that linger there strangling the warmth.  Banish that darkness, let me breathe and think and feel the fullness of passion once more.
So be it....

Strength & Courage,
Hercules, great hero, uplift my weary soul and spirit with your strength and vigor.  I am facing my own twelve labors - to overcome anger, hatred, greed, prejudice, short-sightedness, frustration, unrealistic temptations, bad habits, out moded thoughts, apathy, pessimism, and injustice ( add your own).  I know the path of spirit is long and narrow.
Keep my feet sure, my eyes keen, and my resolve steadfast.  Take my hand in yours and lead the way to achievement, first within my own heart and soul, then in the world,
So be it....

Ganesha, Dagda, Zeus, Freyr, Raphael, ye Lords of prosperity, hear my plea.  My pockets are growing empty and my heart is full of worry.  Help me find ways to improve the flow of money in my life so that bills get paid adequately and regularly.  I recognize that I may have to give more of myself at a job to accomplish this task.   Let me see such opportunities, and use them effectively.
Lords of providence, see the truth of my neediness.  Extend the vaults of heaven generously, so I can care for ___________.  When your blessings do come, help me to use them with wisdom and prudence.
So be it....

Light of purity, protection, and power, shine on me, my home, and every place I go.  Seek out every point of malevolence and negativity and chase it away from me.  Lead me not along paths where such evil lies.  Shine only on the Path of Spirit and walk with me along that road.
All around me the darkness lingers wishing to steal hopes - but it cannot prevail.  The tree of my spirit is grounded in truth and grows toward you.  As I turn my hands skyward, help me catch your light within them and put it in my heart where no one can take it away.  Glory of Creation, hear this prayer.  Let your light pour over me like a fountain, washing away any evil, and granting safe harbor wherever I may be.
So be it....

There are times in our lives when we feel the need for silent as well as loud prayers.  These will help you in your times of need, as they have helped me greatly.