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The following prayers have given me great peace in times of need, they were meant to be passed along from one to another and I pray they give you meaning as well.... 


Earth Awarness,
Earth Goddess, by all your great names - Gaia, Demeter, Inanna, Isis, hear my prayer.  Help me and the people of Earth to remain ever attentive to this planet and how our actions affect it.  Help us to better appreciate the beauty of earth's season's, the wonder of flowers and fruit, the glory of animals in their natural environment, the warmth of grass beneath our feet.
As I go about my daily tasks, harmonize my spirit with your cycles, attune my soul to your voice, synchronize my heart to your rhythm.
Let me approach each day as a miracle and an opportunity to serve you.
So be it....

Gaia's Mind,
Janus, God who sees both past and future, look upon this world with merciful eyes.  The mind of Gaia has grown ill with all manner of dis-ease, yet you have the vision and wisdom to help us.  Let us peer from your perspective for but a moment, to know what might have been....what still could be if we change the way we live.  Help us to learn that repciprocity with Nature takes thoughtfulness--day to day, moment to moment, making each one count.
For myself as part of this collective mind.  I ask for awareness and respect, even for the smallest things.  Let me walk gently on this world so beauty replaces destruction; so that life replaces death.  Let me leave behind a world that is better for my time upon it.
So be it...

Gaia's Body,
Creator, look upon this beautiful blue world and see its wounds.  I and others have left scrapes, scars, and open sores across the land, sea and skies.  We cannot roll back the pages of time and make the ugliness go away, but we can learn from our mistakes.  Help that process to begin in my heart today, and everyday.
Teach me to hear the words of the wind, the whispers of waves, the music of sunlight, the dancing of rain, and the other voices of the elements as they join in the chorus of life.  Teach me to honor those voices, and those of all earth's creatures, and treasure them with reverence.  Give me the strength, vision, and wisdom I need to become a good caretaker for the sacred space of Earth.
So be it... 

Gaia's Spirit,
Lord and Lady whose power created the Big Bang, whose essence gave life and soul to this world, hear my prayer.  The spirit of Gaia is weakend and weeping.  It weeps for her chidren who know not what they do.  It weeps for the raping of her mountains and meadows, and the creatures who will never return home.
Find the salve to ease this sadness and rejuvenate her spirit, and once found, let my hands be those that help apply it.  Embrace the planet with warm, white light, like a hug to chase the shadows of darkness.  Embrace Gaia in your protective care until we can make her whole once more.
So be it....

These prayers are a vital part of rituals and spellwork as they work with nature as a whole.