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Please note: the following is strictly from Lady Sheikha as passed down from her generations. You may use it for yourself or simply go on...

~The Essence~
the name of the "Book Of Shadows" given by my greatest grandmother (in another language) for it is the "essence" of each individuals soul stored within the pages.

It is a most sacred book to each person and for the individuals eyes. The contents can include a variety of spells, recipes, photos, thoughts, dreams and more.

When placed in storage it should be wrapped in satin type cloth or leather/suede and tucked in a safe place. Each time the book is used it must be blessed and when wrapped to return it to its sacred place the area must be cleansed and the book purified. Purification can be done with a most sacred herb, Sage.

They can be hand written, printed out by the computer or photocopied. Some are a combination of our own thoughts and others include information from others who graciously choose to share.

The power is in the handwritten word as passed down by my heritage, while most in the modern era may not agree with this.

My personal "Essence" I have included another tradition passed down, hair of my children, husband, myself, familiar and pet mixed as one between the pages. I have added nature findings within the pages as well. Stitched to the outer wrap, I have two small hand made leather pouches holding sacred stones, gemstones and feathers.

I find each item brings more creative energy to the sacred book. When the moon is full, you will find my "Essence" bathed in its glow for further empowerment.

Many countries have various traditions and guidelines as to how the Book Of Shadows is to be handled. Passed down from my tradition of the old land is the sacredness of its contents and the sharing of certain information to those proven the ability to partake of its power. As most of us know, it is rare to meet honest, faithful, compassionate, like minded folk however faith must remain that they are out there, and one day we shall all meet again in that special place..

In the old days and ways it was not an uncommon thing for families to have these books as most all were known as Pagans. Covens were actually gatherings of the spiritual Elders within the community. This time was before Christianity changed the way the sheep should think and solitary Witches and Pagan's began and Covens were for the stealth of the night.

Some were made by etchings in bark slabs of sacred trees, others on walls of sacred meeting places and of course they were consumed by the sacred elements in time.

When the owner of the book has moved to the next realm and there is none other to pass the book to, it should be burned under the night of a full moon preferably on Ostara.

The individuals doing the burning must be trusted ones, who know the sacred ways, who bless the wrapped book without unwrapping it and place it upon the embers.

In my life quite recently, I have met one special person who knew of this without my mentioning it, I give him a special blessing in his time of need and say thank you for a most wonderful conversation.