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Spell Work


I hear of so many new to the traditions grabbing a wand purchased at a high price, lighting candles and chanting words from a book.

These spell casters are frivilous and never sought out the how and why from others already into the traditions.

They need to remember it is from the Elders that the traditions are learned, it is their calling to teach and most will do so willingly. For those not able to meet others within their area, the Internet offers a new exciting experience.

This also brings up a debate that has been going on for a long time. Should an Elder put a price on teaching? My answer has always been no, it is a gift to be an Elder and the Goddess did not mean to profit from this gift only to continue passing along the faith to others, passed on correctly to more generations in the future is the payment you should recieve.

Spell work is not making one you yearn for love you, making your spouse stop sleeping with another, bring you the highest paying position in a snap.

Spell work is guidance work, it gathers the elements, your inner energy and help from the Goddess. You must feel it within yourself and work towards your wantings, the spellwork will continue to guide you through your paths that you have yet to face.

Spellwork is powerful in the correct hands and demands to be treated with respect. It has no hede of what you "intended" to chant for...only as it is interpreted when received.

I believe the Craft is hereditary but can be learned as well however, again it must be learned.

Do you need a Coven? The answer is no.

Please note however, a Coven can be a strong self sustaining community as a whole led in the right hands. A setting to share each others ideas, drawing more energy. Members in a strong Coven built on honesty and true intentions to its members can be a family with very powerful traditions. Many Covens fall short as the High Priest and High Priestess start to lead in sex magic only, you must be very careful in choosing a Coven. Tradition has nothing to do with control of another.

Solitary individuals must have a strong faith and will, standing tall in what they believe. We are one unit among hundreds of walls blocking our paths daily. It is to wonder if our faith were more accepted would there be less solitary practioners, definitely.

We all face persecution and for what reason I ask the Goddess many of times, for being one with the elements, for having gifts of healing and the abilities to communicate with the spirits. We do not commit crime for the faith, kill for the faith, hurt for the faith....
puzzeling indeed...

I see many of different faith wearing their crosses, symbols of their faith and never do I comment or make judgements. Yet approached with a pentegram or other symbol of our faith and we are hissed at, short of a stoning, once again. Even our own Countries leader has yet to evolve and enhance his mental outlook.

It stems from those not completely understanding of our faith, the true faith, the abusers of our faith. Various youth's and adults alike who bring attention to the spells and theatrical displays of what they consider to be outdoor worship, their new fade so to say, being different.

We live in the shadows of old movies, horror stories and films. The self proclaimed cults and groups of deranged individuals.

It is truly sad, as the majority are normal individuals who lead normal lives, raise children and work within the community. Just like the rest of the world we are married, single, gay and lesbian. We all put our pants on the same way, yet we are singled out....