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Stones and Gemstones are an important part of my life, whether they are rough or polished.


Below is a list of some of the more common ailments and body parts that are more commonly out of balance and their healing color:

Abdomen ~ Yellow-Green, Red-Violet
AIDS ~ Red, Yellow, Orange
Alcoholism ~ Red-Violet
Alertness ~ Yellow
Ankles ~ Violet
Anxiety ~ Blue
Arms ~ Orange
Arthritis ~ Red
Asthma ~ Orange
Bladder Problems ~ Blue-Green
Bronchitis ~ Orange
Brain Activity ~ Yellow
Brain Stimulation ~ Green
Breast ~ Yellow-Orange
Cancer (bones) ~ Blue-Violet
Cancer (brain) ~ Red
Cancer (skin) ~ Blue-Violet
Cancer (throat) ~ Green
Cancer (lung) ~ Yellow
Cancer (stomach) ~ Violet
Cancer (sexual organs) ~ Red
Calves ~ Violet
Circulation/Balance ~ Violet
Constipation ~ Red-Orange, Blue-Green
Congestion ~ Yellow
Cough ~ Yellow-Green, Orange
Creativity ~ Green
Depression ~ Yellow-Orange
Dizziness ~ Green
Drug Addiction ~ Red-Violet
Emotional Balance ~ Yellow
Energy ~ Red, Yellow
Exhaustion ~ Red-Violet
Fear ~ Orange, Yellow
Headache ~ Red
Head Cold ~ Blue-Green
Hips ~ Blue
Hysteria ~ Yellow-Orange
Indigestion ~ Yellow-Orange
Influenza ~ Yellow-Green, Red-Violet
Insomnia ~ Blue
Intelligence ~ Yellow
Intestines ~ Yellow-Green
Intuition ~ Red-Orange
Kidneys ~ Violet
Knees ~ Blue-Violet
Legs ~ Blue-Violet
Love ~ Green
Lungs ~ Orange
Malignant Tumors ~ Blue-Violet
Mania ~ Blue
Menstrual Cycle ~ Red-Orange, Blue-Green
Mental Fatigue ~ Orange
Mood Disorders ~ Blue
Muscle Fatigue ~ Red
Nausea ~ Yellow-Orange, Blue-Violet
Neck ~ Orange, Yellow, Red-Orange, Green
Nervousness ~ Blue
Neuritis ~ Orange, Yellow-Green
Panic Disorder ~ Blue
Pneumonia ~ Yellow-Orange, Orange, Yellow-Green
Prosperity ~ Green
Psychic Development ~ Blue, Violet, Blue-Violet
Rheumatism ~ Orange, Blue
Shoulders ~ Orange
Skin ~ Green
Spine ~ Violet, Yellow-Green, Yellow
Stomach ~ Blue-Violet
Thighs ~ Blue
Tobacco Addiction ~ Red-Violet
Toothache ~ Blue
Tumors ~ Blue-Violet
Ulcers ~ Blue-Violet, Yellow-Orange
Urethra ~ Blue-Green
Vaginitis ~ Red-Orange
Vision ~ Red
Water Retention ~ Violet
Womb ~ Blue-Green
Worry ~ Red-Violet
Wounds ~ Blue-Violet




The best guide as to placement of the stones on the
body during a healing session is intuition. Start with a
meditation and a good supply of different types and
colors of stones. Ask the stone's permission for the
healing, as well as the permission of the person's spirit
that you are working with. Then, open your heart chakra
and focus on the healee. As you lay the stones on the
corresponding areas of the body that need healing, listen
to your intuition. If your instinct tells you to place a
green stone over the heart chakra, do. If you are reading
the person's aura and see that their aura is a nice green
color, but there is a yellow spot that looks imbalanced,
you might want to place a blue stone there until there is
a balanced green throughout the auric field.

Visualization is an excellent companion to crystal
healing. Visualize the aura smoothing out and vibrating
with a healthy glow. Along with visualization, there is
sound. Sound creates color.

Allow the stones to remain on the body for however long you feel is necessary. If you person experiences any discomfort whatsoever, any numbness, headaches, dizziness, or emotional distress, remove the stones and end the session. This rarely ever happens. At the end of a healing session, lie still for a few moments before getting up. A light snack or herbal tea is a wonderful way to end the treatment. Remember to give thanks to the spirits and the stones for the healing they have provided.




Blue Lace Agate's energy is receptive, and its element is
water. Holding this stone in your mouth will quench
thirst, and placing on the forehead will reduce a fever.
Wearing or carrying it will bring peace and happiness.
Just holding it in your hand can alleviate stress. Keep
this stone on your desk or other work station and gaze at
it when in stressful situations. In the home, a blue lace
agate surrounded with flaming, light blue candles calms
the psychic atmosphere and reduces household or family
quarrels. Water element stones are used for love,
healing, compassion, reconciliation, friendship,
purification, de-stressing, peace, sleep, dreams and
psychic work. Used for scrying, the markings in this
stone reach deep into the subconscious mind and project
its psychic impulses into the conscious mind.

The Celtic and Scottish people valued Citrine for its
energizing, invigorating, and positive energy. Citrine is
a motivator and can also help clear negative atmospheres.
Holistically speaking, Citrine is a very powerful healer.
It helps us show our love and gratitude to the Great
Spirit, opens our heart center, helps us express our
thoughts and emotions, aids in the healing of panic
disorders, anxiety attacks, fears, phobias and
obsessions, and can help purify the blood. Citrine can
help prevent nightmares and ensure a good night's sleep,
as well as enhancing our psychic awareness.

Moonstone is considered a sacred stone in India, and in
the orient in general, it is considered good luck.
Moonstone is said to have a spirit light inside it which
moves, making it a trance-inducing stone highly
beneficial to the field of hypnotherapy or for the
practice of self-hypnosis. It is a good tool for scrying
and divinatory practices. It is said that if you hold a
Moonstone in your mouth on the night of a full moon, you
will see the future of your love relationship. If you
suffer from mood swings during the moon phases, set your
Moonstone in a silver ring and wear it on your right
finger for balance. Moonstone is also known as the
traveler's protective charm, so if you or someone you
know is going on a trip, especially over water, this
stone is an excellent travel companion.

Moss Agate is defintely an earthy stone, as one can tell
just by looking at it. It is a type of Chalcedony with
moss-like or tree-like inclusions. Gardeners can
especially benefit from the properties of Moss Agate
because it brings an appreciation of beauty to our eyes
and to our hearts, as well as cultivating our ecology
consciousness. This stone is also said to increase your
plants' fertility and ensure a bountiful crop and healthy
flowering. It can also be planted in your garden or hung
from trees to help the plants themselves, and it can
actually increase the yeild of fruit trees. For our own
personal healing, Moss Agate can ease the discomfort of a
stiff neck and replete our energy levels.

Rhodonite is a karma stone that can help bring balance
and strength into our lives. Pink Rhodonite, in
particular, can help us keep a check on our thoughts,
desires, words, actions, and responses; the more
reddish-brown stones help with self-discipline,
stability, moral courage, and faith. Rhodonite is also a
calming stone that can cast off confusion, doubt, and
incoherency. You may wear it to close off your third eye chakra for a little while when needed. Often times, we're clouded by external messages and this gives us a rest from our psychic input.

Opal is an especially magical stone. It has the color and
qualities of healing of all the stones, thus it has the
energy of all stones which makes it truly powerful. Opal
is a wonderful companion for astral travel and can keep
one protected during these out of body experiences. It
can also aid in past life regressions, which can be
accomplished simply by gazing into the Opal. To help
increase psychic intuition, wear Opals as earrings. Opals
can also bring out our inner beauty and help us feel
better about our outer beauty as well. The black Opal, for
instance, is a powerfully lucky stone. Opal will also
crack if you are out of balance, so it needs to be cared
well for.

Peridot is capable of giving and receiving healing
energy, thus it can be charged with healing energy and
used when needed for crystal healing. It is also one of
the best stones to help remove a blockage from any of the
chakra areas, as well as more physical blockages like
those associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It can
also help in severe cases of damage to the central
nervous system that can be caused by stress, and it can
help rid us of toxins found in the physical body, the
aura, or in our surroundings. Peridot is also a very protective stone and can guard against psychic attacks.
This is another stone that can bring on a peaceful sleep.

Sapphire is one of the seven Corundum stones once worn by
the people of ancient Greece. Sapphire represents wisdom,
magnamimous thought, love, good manners, and vigilance,
and it enables the wearer to see into the soul of the
world. This stone also has the ability to attract good
spirits and spirit guides when we need them. Ayurvedic
healers use the Sapphire to help with rheumatism,
sciatica, neurological pain, epilepsy, hysteria, and all
nervous disorders. Lore has it that this stone will
change colors when worn by a person who has an unfaithful
nature, so it was often given to the new bride as a gift
from her husband on their wedding night. Gazing into the
sapphire helps prepare for meditation by quieting the
mind, and it also helps open the third eye and increase
psychic awareness. Scott Cunningham states that in the
spiritual practice of Wicca, there is a saying by
Bartholmaeus that holds true: "Also wytches love well
this stone, for they wene (ween, "believe") that they may
werke certen wondres by vertue of this stone." It is used
in magic to increase wealth.










Zebra Stone


Tiger Iron


Rose Quartz, is never far from my side