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This page is dedicated to my Familiar of 17 years, you are missed each & every day


An interesting concept is said to be "familiars are just animals or spirit totem animals". I believe there are others that can be called "Familiars", such as plants and trees. One of my familiars is just that an unknown by me species of houseplant. He is the deepest of green with lighter streaks of green on the leaves. The leaves are glossy and somewhat stiff with thick stems. Most of the leaves have a light red cast to them and this is my fire element. The deep green being the earth relation to me. This plant has been with me since about 3" and now has grown lush and full standing 12". The leaves are large, bold and proud, through speaking to it and cleansing the leaves daily this familiar has done an outstanding job in its growth.

Our Newest additions! Blue/Baby Boy & Green/Sweety. Not very original but hey what can I say! ;)


Bestowed upon me are the great ways of the Nurturer both for the Animal Kingdom and the Human Kingdom.

Many animals have come to me or called to me and have been found. They have been loved, bottle fed, weaned and safely released back to the wilds of the earth or to the great soil of this abundant earth.

Among my creatures were squirrels, rabbits, racoon, birds, a mole, and the latest opossum. Some were too weak and went to the next life but not without the feeling of warmth versus the coldness of being left alone in a road or under a tree.

Most became strong and had the power of life within them. At one point, I was called to a young wild finch that was in a parking lot being stoned by a young child whose parents didn't bestow upon him love of nature.

I gathered up this tiny fledgling and brought it inside only to find myself sitting in the middle of the room and asking the Goddess for guidance. I had many varieties of birds in my home but none as young as this babe or of this species. I looked around and there was Joey an older female canary who was disabled and I knew what to do.

Joey found it in her heart to take this little one as her own and cared for it until the day of release.

Joey has since passed on and her memory is strong within me, she fulfilled her purpose here, one of nurturing another.

Great Goddess, I am eternally grateful for this gift


Max the opossum, what a wonder he is a zest for life and a will to continue, my prayers are always with you my little friend.



The practice of using animals is of Native American, shamanic, and tribal origins. Shamans believe that
animals are messengers of the Great Spirit. They are on Earth to teach you something. The Great Spirit shares information with you through visions and dreams using animals to represent what you should do. More and more witches are adapting this concept to their witchcraft practices. This is so because humans have always lived fascinated with animals and their abilities and cunning.


Witches have been using animals to help them with their magickal works for a very long time. It is said that the familiar is the animal that the witch has. The familiar lives with the witch and assists him/her in magickal works. Traditionally cats are associate with witches. Other animals, like dogs, rabbits, horses, and snakes, can be familiars too.

However, your pet is not necessarily your familiar. A familiar represents all the good qualities of that animal, and it is atune to the witch. It provides the witch with a link to the animal kingdom and the essence of their power.

Totem/Power Animals

Witches cannot always work with physical familiars due to many reasons. Perhaps the most common one will be space limitation. Therefore, many witches work with their totem animals in the astral.

Totems are not specific animals but mystical powers. Totem animals are sought in the astral world. Witches choose those power animals that closely represent their higher selves. In other words, power animals are chosen by their affinity to the witch.

Power animals are used for specific purposes too. For example, a witch may choose the animal that lends to a specific kind of magick. Maybe the spell needs some "medicine" from the Snake. Some animals are associated with the quarters. Sometimes these energies are activated with the quarter calls. Totem animals are great advicers. So if you are confused about something, call the Wolf.

Our personality has many facets, so you're likely to have more than one power animal. However, you should begin to work with one power animal at the time. Visit the animal in the astral world and "talk" to it for a while. Once you get acquantainted with that one, move to the next one.

Bare in mind that totem animals may come and go out of your life as you grow. So do not feel bad if you see the Bear spirit disappear from your life, and instead the Fox spirit appears. There are those power animals that might stay with you for the rest of your life, but others may come and go as need be. Welcome those that come to you for the new experiences they will bring into your life. Bless and thank those that go.




Witches and pagans that belong to covens usually have their totem animal(s) chosen either by their mentors or by themselves in a vision quest. The coven might have a totem
animal too that only the members of the coven know about. However, this does not mean solitary practicioners cannot have totem animal(s). Solitaires choose their own totem animals.

Sometimes it happens that your totem animal chooses you. There are many reasons why your totem animal picks you. Maybe you need help at a given period of your life. Your totem animal shows up to lend you help, counsel, and support.

Keep your eyes open for those animals that appear frequently on your path or under unusual circumstances. If you see a raven perched on a tree on your backyard everyday, maybe it is more than pure coincidence.

A black dog; Actual size=240 pixels wide

There are several ways that witches and pagans use to find their totem animals.

1.A particular animal feels good to you.
2.Your own affinity with an animal.
3.Medicine cards
4.Read books on Native American culture and shamanism, and other books on animals and their symbolism in different cultures.
5.Perform your own ritual
7.Meditative state
8.Vision quest

Simple Exercises to Find Your Totem Animal

Exercise 1

Research for the local animals in your area. Keep in mind that power animals are not limited to mammals. They can
be reptiles, insects, birds, and fish. Make a list and study them carefully. Notice what they eat, their behavior, and
their habitat. If you want, visit them in their natural habitat and watch them interact with the enviroment. Pay special attention to the legends and sayings about them. Remember, "clever as a fox, strong as an ox." You will find some pretty interesting things! Think of their strengths and weaknesses. Recognize these qualities working within you. In
this way you will narrow down your choices.

Exercise 2

Take a sheet of paper and make a list of your good qualities. Be honest here! If you want, you can also ask your friends and family to write down all those good qualities they see in you. Sometimes we do not see many of our own good qualities, so this might help you see how others perceive you. Once you have a list of all your good qualities, start researching for those animals that have those qualities that represent your higher self.

Exercise 3

This is a very simple exercise. All you have to do is look around your room. Look around your room and notice those posters, figurines, and maybe stuffed animals you got over your bed. Have you noticed you have a tendency to favor certain kind of animal(s)? Maybe you should consider it. It
might be trying to tell you something. Reflect upon these questions:

"Why do you like that animal so much?"
"What characteristics does that animal have that you can identify yourself with?"


Baby, you were brought to me most unexpected and there you were cold, scared and almost featherless. You were a challenge to say the least, but with patience and time you became my friend. I brought you a gift of a wife, Mookie and together you have raised many beautiful babies. I am proud of you Baby and my thoughts are always with you.


It has been said that animals are dumb, no feelings or thoughts of their own. I beg to differ and know that the Goddess has given them a gift.

Throughout history domestic animals, insects, fish and wildlife have been tortured, experimented with, carelessly tossed aside.

They are left abadoned on the side of a highway or road, lost confused and their hearts cry out, it is this that I hear...

The monkeys, rats, mice and more that are used in experiments and are deformed and crying out in pain, this is what I hear...

The puppy mills, cat farms, hens, pigs, cows all stacked upon one another the pain and their cries are what I hear...

Shielding is the only thing that eases that pain, my sufferings are strong bouts of depression, anxiety and panic, is it from a mental condition.....I know it isn't.


I worked at the local Zoo for a number of years here in the city and quite an impressive Zoo it is. My specialty was in the caring for the SilverBacks and other apes. I had the immense pleasures of being with them alone in the evening when they were in their respective cages. They were tired from romping all day in the outside field area, fed and ready for their nightly ritual. I would read to them, sing to them and just talk to them. It was an honor to spend time with them and to be accepted by them.

When the infant was born, I was able to feed it by the bottle and will never forget the look in the babies eyes as it peered deeply into mine.

I am in awe of those who study this fantastic creature near and from afar. Dr. Jane Goodall indeed is a fine individual who took years out of her life to live among them.

So intelligent the look upon their face, so human like the behaviors of this animal. So close to humans they really are.

I had to end my time there, due to a virus that I contracted and one that left me so depleted that I am still trying to battle with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) Do I regret it, never, I feel honored to have had this tremendous opportunity. I still go there and sit and watch them from afar, do they recognize me, yes they do and they stare so deeply at me and each time I approach the enclosure my hand goes to the glass and I feel their energy. It is truly hard not to stare back as in their world that would be a sign of great disrespect.


Petrie, how could I ever forget you! a mischevious one you are and stubborn to boot!


This is just a short list of some animals and their meanings. Keep in mind that their meanings may vary from culture to culture. Read some books on shamanism, and animals and their myths in other cultures. Think thoroughly what you are reading. Meet the animal on the astral.

Ant - It is industrious.

Badger - Courage.

Bear - Watcher, guardian of the world, giver of great strength of body, courage and power of will.

Buffalo - Possesses great strength.

Cat - It is a good hunter and very independent.

Coyote - It is a crazy trickster bearing tidings of sacred msichief.

Crow - Justice.

Deer - Compassion

Dog - Loyalty.

Dolphin - Wise and happy, able to explore the great depths of emotions, friend to lovers of the sea.

Dragonfly - It can tell you how to break through illusions and how to gain power through dreams. It teaches higher aspirations. Imagination

Dragon - It is fiery, rich and knows the answers to many riddles.

Eagle - Rising, circling the Sun, his cry thrills the brave and panic the faint-hearted.

Fish - Graceful.

Hawk - All-seeing, soaring on the breast of the wind. Observation.

Horse - Freedom

Hummingbird - Fierce warrior, jewel of the gods, whose feathers bear love magic. Pleasure.

Lion - Emblem of royalty, symbol of the Sun. Courageous guardian protectors.

Lizard - Vision

Lynx - Keeper of secrets.

Mouse - It has an eye for details.

Owl - Wise watcher in the night, fate-seer, riddler, beloved by Athena. Silence.

Panther - A good protective animal.

Puma - Shaman's companion on journeys to the other worlds; spirit of grace and silent power.

Rabbit - Fertility

Raven - trickster, wise in oracles and omens, messenger and watcher for the gods. Mystery.

Snake - Transformation.

Spider - Fate

Stag - Lord of the forest, masculine power of regeneration, giver of bounty, beauty and mystical signs.

Swan - Guide into dreamtime.

Turtle - Shyness

Wolf - Pathfinder for the human spirit; heart of the wildness of the world. Knowledge.

A cat; Actual size=240 pixels wide

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Josephine, words cannot describe my feelings for you, sweet lady. You were deaf but not to the words of love and devotion, you are dearly missed my love


Cyrus was a mixed hybred and looked much like this one when he was rehabilitated. Cyrus found me one day while I was on a hike at College, Northern Michigan University. Someone had left him and it was not the elements that would have done him in but the mistreatment he received before he was let go. Cyrus was a high strung but well tempered animal full of love and compassion.

We spent many a nights hiking together, camping and star gazing. He was my constant companion and best friend but was not one for a person with children, so he came to me in a good time in my life. I still have some of his fur and a whisker and they stay with me for always.

When I faced leaving NMU and found myself ready to move on with my education at Wayne State University I was unsure of what to do with Cyrus. Low and behold, I met Mick from the Chippewa tribe that resided on the reservation near Mackinac Island and he was very willing to take Cyrus with him. My parting with him was one of much sadness and heartache but I had to let go.

The last time I saw Cyrus was about 20 years ago and at that time he was in the prime of health. He obviously has passed on by now but his spirit will always guide me.


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