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Upon a Breeze


Upon a Breeze
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it came gently swirling and twirling ever so
had time, a long time before it would land on the
softness of the earth.

There was not wind or the slightest breeze yet it
continued to had been created with care and
great gentleness.

Its creator came from another lifetime, a realm if you
would, one of many. This particular realm has long
since passed but the memories and visions remain too sacred to be forgotten.
You see the forgotten realm was once just as wonderous
as could be with beings who respected and worshipped one
another. The Elders were proud of what they had created
as were the Elders before them.

They had created the waters for the sacred ones to be
honored, the beautiful earth for the sacred ones to
dwell upon and the clear breeze for which the watchers would
continue circling within.

They created another called Human and it was created in
their likeness as the Elders knew if would soon be time
for their departure.

The Humans would dwell upon the earth among the sacred
creatures; the Elders looked upon their creations with
great passion in their hearts, wanting to stay and watch
them grow.

But their time was coming;

Among those created were two special beings the Lord and
the Lady;

The Lord and Lady were as one; chosen to continue the
Elders dreams to guide the new beings. It would be a
difficult task indeed, the possiblities that lay before
them. The Lord and Lady would not walk among these
Humans in the physical form but would guide those with
open hearts.

Each human had the potential to soar with the Universe to
become one with the spirits and one another. It was the
choice of Elders to be this way as many would be
influenced against the powers of good.

The spirits of all Elders past was within the sea
creatures, land creatures and air creatures. It was the
dream of the those Elders that Humans would one day see
this wonderous union of all.

The Lord and the Lady worked hard to create the sun for
nurishment for all things to grow, the Elder Braunwa
would watch over this. The water was Elder Denlou and
the fauna by Elder Muwok. The moon was the energy force
for all and the Elder Lady Daugmuar would eternally watch
over all.

Now these humans were created for great potential but it
would not be wise to allow them to have this potential
until they were ready. It carries with it high power and
mere mortals needed to evolve time and time again before
this power was completely bestowed upon them.

Some would eventually allow the forces to flow freely
through them, others would be influenced by those closed
of heart. It was something that had to be to retain the
balance of life.

as it was gently touching the ground it was then the Lord
and the Lady saw the tiny embers of the elders within the
humans and they looked deeply into each others eyes,