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The following prayers have given me great peace in times of need, they were meant to be passed along from one to another and I pray they give you meaning as well.... 


Pax, the essence of peace, settle once more in my heart and soul, much has happened for which I am not proud.  I've fallen along the Path of Beauty, and find it hard to stand once more.  It's as if the wind of Spirit has been knocked out of me and the light eludes me.  Please reach down with a helping hand and help me find my way home.
Let me integrate the important lessons of this experience so history doesn't repeat itself.  Let me remain conscious of what has happened so I can repair the damage done to myself or anyone else.  But don't let me dwell in self pity or condemnation -- those feelings bear no life, no well being and serve nothing positive.  Replace them with the hope that comes from a new awareness, change, and a readiness to meet the future as a better person for my experience.
So be it....

Religious Tolerance,
God/dess, your names and faces are many.  Your ideals have been tinted by cultures, eras, politics, and social trends.  Yet, the core of Universal truth remains in every tree and brook, every star and stone.  This is the nucleaus of all humankind's Spirits.  Help us to see this central root as a binding tie through which we all can be nurtured.
While our words are different, they mean much the same.  The differences that seperate us come from limited human vision, which cannot look beyond dogma.  Broaden our understanding to see as you see, to identify each other as brothers and sisters of Spirit.
The path of beauty is many things to many people, but always leads back to you.  Help us recognize that you are the sacred parent.  Any power so great as to create our diversity cannot be confided to one image or one creed.  Help us find wonder and joy in our differences and appreciate our similarities.  Today, and always we are all children of one family, both divine yet mortal - the family of man.
So be it...

Improved Communications,
Hermes, messenger of the Gods, hear my prayer.  Braggi, divine guardian of the nectars of the muses, hear my prayer.  While the people of earth speak many languages, we all have similar desires and dreams.  Help us share these with one another in gentleness and truth.
No matter the tongue or setting, help us find a universal language with which to know each other - not by color, culture, or creed, but as fellow human beings.  Even when we differ in opinions, let our words be sweet upon our lips, kind, insightful, and filled with peaceful intentions.  Let our conversations be honest, buildt on a foundation of mutual respect, nurtured by mutual aspiration, to eventually bloosom with love.
So be it...

World Peace,
Guardian of all that is Sacred our world is hurting.  People are hurting.  War, crime, apathy, and negativity threaten to destroy the wonders of earth and its inhabitants.  Reach out from the center of the Universe and motivate the winds of change.  Help save us from ourselves.
Today, if you will guide me, I now give my hands, heart, and magic to the goal of world peace.  Let me be gentle with myself and others.  Let me care for those around me, no matter our differences.  Where anger dwells help me bring harmony: where I see apathy, help me inspire: where there is negativity, help me affirm and uplift.
Before the waves of conflict swell beyond the walls of goodness and decency, help all humankind do likewise.  Let the walls (of goodness and decency) that seperate us come tumbling down, dismantled by honest effort and random acts of kindness.  Drop a blanket of peace upon this planet to wrap us all in wholeness once more.
Let it be so....

These prayers bring healing and wholeness in times of great need.