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Upon a Breeze
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The following prayers have given me great peace in times of need, they were meant to be passed along from one to another and I pray they give you meaning as well.... 


Light of Light, blazing through all time, space, and dimensions, come! Illuminate the darkness that seems to engulf me.  Push back the night until it becomes day once more.  Don't allow the waves of _________ (how you have been feeling) to overwhelm me.  Become my buoy.  My strength through this storm.
I am willing to fight to stand up for truth and love.  My resolve is strengthened knowing you're at my side.  Help me to see clearly, to speak honestly, to hear and really listen, and to reach out for support when my determination waivers.  Light of Light, hear this prayer, cast out the shadows wherever they may lie, including my own heart.
So mote it be... 

Lord of Song, Lady of Dance, see the heaviness of my heart - the waves of sadness that threaten to drown the spark of my spirit.  Help me find the light of hope in this darkness and follow it back to wholeness.
Let me find joy in the knowledge that I am not alone.  Let me find happiness in myself, my gifts, my friends, and family.  Remind me that the greatest blessings are not always part of the tangible world, but those that come in silent moments of the soul.  Refill the well of my spirit now, till it overflows with gladness.
So be it...

Victory & Success
Kwan Yin, Goddess of mercy, She who is said to answer all sincere prayers, I call to you.  I stand at an impass I know not the way; no matter what I try, the obstacles remain firm.
What lesson does this wall teach me? What benefit is there in waiting? Why can I not move ahead? These are the questions that lay heavy on my heart.  If I am to move, guide my way.  If I am to stay, help me stay.  Grant me your vision but for a moment so I can think and act wisely for the best possible outcome.
So be it....

Ancient Ones, I come before you to ask for renewal.  Renew my body - give it strength, energy and stamina with which to continue caring for myself.  Wherever sickness dwells, replace it with health.  Renew my mind - give it peace, understanding, insight, and keen awareness so that faith has foundations in truth and reality.  Wherever unhealthy thoughts dwell, replace them with hope.
Renew my spirit - give it discernment, harmony and the spark of all magic.  Wherever darkness dwells replace it with light.  Let this shine from within to act as a beacon for all my actions and thoughts.
So mote it be... 

Venus, Frigg, Cupid, Krishna, all powers who embody the spirit of love, I come to you.  Fill every corner of my life with the wonder and power of love.  Let me first love myself so that I appreciate the temple that houses my soul and all its amazing abilities.  Help me to better accept love into my life by taking down any walls between me and those I care about.
Today and everyday let me show more love to others.  Let my words be filled with kindness and truth.  Let my thoughts be filled with good will.  Let my heart overflow with charity and my actions reflect that energy.  When I meet another in pain, let love in and around my life act as a salve to his or her wounds.  Help me to love freely and purely, without any expectations or selfishness as I walk the Path of Beauty,
So be it....

Nucleus of the Universe, I have lost my way.  My thoughts are scattered, my actions uncertain.  My heart doubtful.  Numerous ________ (choices, idea's etc) leave me hesitant to move, yet afraid to wait.  Help me to find my focus again, to reclaim order in my life and mind.
Help me to listen to the still small voice within that knows what priority to set, and how to accomplish that goal.  Give me a signpost to follow from within or without, and set my eyes firmly upon it until the task is done.
So be it....

Each prayer has served me well in various times of need, they are ritual and meditation essentials.