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The following prayers have given me great peace in times of need, they were meant to be passed along from one to another and I pray they give you meaning as well.... 


Great Lord & Lady, thank you for the life you have brought once again to the earth.  As your magick touches the world, plants blossoms, the sap in the trees begins to run, animals bear young, and the entire planet sings with joy.  Let this vibrant energy all around me also energize my spirit.
Wherever ice dams the flow of love between me and another, let it melt beneath the sun.  Wherever snow hides a problem, reveal and resolve it.  Where there has been illness, replace it with health.  Where dark clouds linger, bring hope.  Help my heart and soul, bloosom anew like a fresh blade of grass, reaching ever toward the light.
So be it... 

Lord of the Sun, thank you for warming the soil to bring forth earth's bounty.  As the flowers and fruits grow to fullness around me, likewise mature the fruits of my spirit.  As you burn brightly in the summer sky, so too, burn in my heart and soul.
Wherever a relationship has grown cool, bring warmth.  Wherever secrets dwell, let the be revealed.  Wherever any lingering darkness hides, chase it away with brilliant light.  Let the embers that embody you ignite in me a love-based passion; for my job, for my art, for my mate, for just causes, for all that is my life.
So be it...

Mother of Creation, thank you for your bounty.  All around the earth has grown to maturity.  So too, I pray, may I see signs of my own maturity.  Help me to recognize the progress in my spirit, to see the fruits of character and insight that have developed since spring.  Let me hold those gifts close to my heart as sacred and special.
As I move into fall, teach me balance.  Let me know the wonders of both sounds and silences, rest and action, the temporal and Spiritual.  As I walk the Path of Beauty, keep my eyes on the horizen but my feet grounded in truth.
So be it....

Ancient Ones, bend down your ears to hear my prayer.  The world is quiet and resting.  So too bring peace to my soul, and to the Spirit(s) of _________ (insert any names of people who have passed over) who await reincarnation.  Take any restlessness, any worry, and cover it in a healing blanket of snow.
During this time of darkness, let me recognize my own shadows, but not be overcome by them.  Let me also see that the night is not only full of shadows, but full of beauty and potential.  The loveliness of stars, the wonders of my dreams.  Hold me in your arms as I rest and sleep now, keeping hope in my heart until Spring brings the dawn.

Each prayer can be said in accordance with seasonal rituals and spell work